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Successful Stories

A&E, anecloud product catalogue.

Anecloud product catalogue designed and produced for A&E a premium thread company in Sri Lanka.

Land Rover Sri Lanka. Video Brochure.

Designed and developed using a state-of-the-art creative and approach technological approach. This novel concept of a video brochure which carries the client’s entire product portfolio in print and in video form was designed to be contained in one physical device.

Behind the Shield. Coffee Table Book.

A masterpiece designed and produced in celebration of 75 years of the Bradby Shield’s history. It is the annual game of rugby played between Royal College, Colombo and Trinity College, Kandy. Research, data cataloguing, design, development and production of this limited-edition Coffee Table Book was done by a young creative team at 365.

Two Leaf, Speciality Teas.

Two Leaf speciality tea packaging was exclusively developed for the Chinese Market. This project applied branding and logo design, to all packaging elements.

Organic Coconut Chips by Nature’s Goodness NY, USA.

A range of packaging designed for Organic Coconut Chips for Nature’s Goodness New York, USA. Designed, printed and packaged in Sri Lanka.

Cinnamon Packaging for Kimbees, Texas USA.

This is a packaging range that was exclusively designed and developed for a selected niche market in the USA.

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